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Beswick, Royal Doulton, Karl Ens, Copenhagen, Royal Dux, Goebels

(Plus an odd fish!!)


Item ref DG.4/35 A bronze "Eastern" style model of a Dachshund, measuring 7 3/4" by 4 1/2".


Item Ref. DG.7/5 Another Royal Doulton Porcelain Pekinese, "Champion Biddee of Ifield" Model No. 1012, finely modelled by Frederick Daws.  Issued from 1931 to 1985.  Height just over 3", Doulton backstamp on paw.

PRICE 80 (U.S. $150)



Rare Royal Doulton Dachshund, Model No. HN1141, designed by Frederick Daws 1937-68.  2.75" high by 4" long, gloss brown finish. Minute firing fault to front left claw.  This model is getting very scarce, probably because it is one of the finest models of this breed that was produced.

PRICE 100 (U.S. $180)


DG.8/5 A fairly rare Royal Doulton gloss Golden Retriever 7" x 5" high.  Better modelled than its slightly earlier Beswick Counterpart.  Doulton backstamp very faded on front right paw.

PRICE 55 (U.S. $ 90)

Item Ref DG.12/5 Beswick large gloss West Highland White Terrier, measuring 6" long by 5.5" high, backstamp on front paws.  Designed by Arthur Gredington from 1965, withdrawn 1994.

PRICE 50 (U.S. $ 90)

Item ref DG.17/5 A very rare finely modelled Karl Ens Porcelain Skye Terrier, measuring 6" x 5" & bearing the early green Volkstedt printed & Windmill mark. c1918

PRICE 95 (U.S. 160)

Item ref


A Royal Doulton Porcelain Corgi HN2559, Champion Spring Robin, issued 1941 to 1985, modelled by Frederick Daws. Measuring 3 1/2" wide by 3" high & bearing the Doulton backstamp on one foot (faded).

PRICE - 100 (U.S. $150)

Item Ref


A Royal Copenhagen model of a bear cub lying on its back, bearing the Copenhagen Denmark printed backstamp no 1124, measuring 3" wide by 2".

PRICE 75 (U.S. $110)

Item Ref DG.H6 A Beswick model no 3135 of a Springer Spaniel, designed by Amanda Hughes-Lubeck, height 5" in black & white gloss finish.  Issued 1988.   This same model also has a  Royal Doulton backstamp, model no DA107 (during the transfer of the company).

PRICE 50 (US $75) DOULTON   PRICE 75 (US $100) (BESWICK)

Item Ref DG.96/28 A fairly large finely modelled early Goebels Corgi, model 619, measuring 6" by 5" high & bearing the printed and impressed Goebels backstamp. Professional restoration to tip of ears, very hard to detect.

PRICE 45 (US $75)

Item ref. DG.29a/5 Beswick's large gloss Yellow Labrador "Solomon of Wendover" designed by Arthur Gredington, issued in 1958 and withdrawn in 1994.Measures 5.5" high.  Beswick backstamp to paw.

PRICE 45 (U.S. $80)

Item Ref DG.9/144 A rare and  unusual Alabaster Group of a Large Spaniel Dog playing with a greyhound on a plinth  11" x 7" high..   Some professional restoration to the Spaniel's ear.


Item Ref. DG.47/5 In my opinion one of Beswick's best modelled dogs, and getting scarce ! English setter in gloss finish  "Bayldon Baronet" by Arthur Gredington, issued in 1942 and withdrawn in 1989.  5.5" high.

PRICE 80 (U.S. $140)

Item Ref. BD.48/5 A very handsome large gloss Beswick Black & tan Doberman, "Annastock Lance" measuring 6" x ^" & bearing the Beswick printed backstamp on the front paws.  Issued 1970 and withdrawn 1994.

PRICE 50 (U.S. $90)

Item Ref DG.96/120 A rare early  pottery Goebels "Hanky Dog", measuring 4" by 3" and bearing the printed and impressed Goebels backstamp.   c1920.   Small area of red scarf repainted professionally.

PRICE 75 (US $100)

Item ref DG.H7 A Beswick Boxer, model 3081, designed by Alan Maslanowski, 51/2" high in gold and white gloss finish.  Issued 1988 to 1989.

PRICE 50 (US$ 75)

Item Ref. DG.97/111 Beswick Model of Afghan Hound "Hajubah of Davien" designed by Graham Tongue in Gold and dark brown gloss finish.  Issued 1969 to 1994, 5 1/2". Beswick printed backstamp.

PRICE 40 (US $60)

Item Ref. DG.97/21


Small Beswick Yellow Labrador in gold gloss finish, designed by Arthur Gredington. 3 1/4".  Issued 1964 - 1994. Beswick printed backstamp.

PRICE 15 (US $23)

Item Ref. DG.97/20 Rare Beswick Model of a White Poodle designed by Graham Tongue, 5 3/4", issued 1971 to 1983.  Very small firing fault to underside stomach. Beswick printed backstamp.

PRICE 50 (US $80)


Item ref. DG.39/5 Another handsome Royal Doulton model of a boxer with cropped ears, Champion Warlord of Mazelaine, designed by Peggie Davies and issued in 1952, withdrawn 1985.   Measures 6.5" high, Doulton Backstamp, no and name to paws.

PRICE 80 (U.S. $140)

Item ref. DG.69/5 A very rare medium size Royal Doulton model of a Cairn Terrier No H1035, Champion "Charming Eyes".  Finely modelled by Frederick Daws, issued in 1931 and withdrawn in 1960.4.5" high, Doulton backstamp to paw.

PRICE 90 (U.S. $170)

Item ref. DG.23/5 An ever popular gloss Beswick Dalmatian, designed by Mr Garbet and issued in 1961 to 1989.  3.5" high & bearing the Beswick backstamp to paw.

PRICE 30 (U.S. $55)